Honey’s Health Benefits

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Put down the cookies and colorful candies and indulge in a natural treat that satisfies your cravings while potentially making your body healthier. A recently-published review article by researchers in Malaysia discusses the protective effects of honey against metabolic syndrome in both animal and human models. Metabolic syndrome is a conglomerate of multiple risk factors […]

Overall Health

Vitamin D

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It is very common these days that clients reveal that they are deficient in vitamin D and are taking supplements. I was tested about six years ago and now take a daily vitamin D supplement.  Unlike other vitamins, vitamin D functions like a hormone in your body. Our bodies will synthesize vitamin D from cholesterol when […]


Strength Training Made Easy

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Strength training workouts have the possibility to get very complicated when explaining it to a beginner. By sticking with the basic every day movements; push, pull, squat/lunge, hinge, and carry; you can dramatically simplify strength training. Every day we are pushing an item (push), pulling something (pull), sitting down (squatting), picking an item off the […]