BaySport is on a mission to continue supporting our client's healthy behaviors during this pandemic. We are reinventing how we provide our health and fitness services so our participants who are working from home may easily access and engage in popular classes at their convenience - morning, noon or night. New featured videos every month.


Devon 45min Boot Camp

Adam 30min HIIT

Adam 30min HIIT2



Resistance Tubes - Foam Handles

Includes three tubes in light, medium and heavy resistance. These tubes can be used for a variety of pushing, pulling, arm and shoulder exercises.

Resistance Bands

Includes three (12”x 2”) resistance bands in light, medium & heavy resistance. These bands are great for hip, glute, and leg work such as lateral steps, clam shells and leg extensions as well as shoulder stabilization exercises.

Stability/Fitness Ball

Fitness balls can be used to strengthen, stretch and tone all major muscle groups. They are the perfect addition to your core workout and help enhance balance and coordination. It can be used under the head and shoulders like a bench, under your feet while supine for bridging, as a seat, or under your low back for focused abdominal work. Each ball has a 600-lb static weight capacity and is latex-free.

Body Sport Glider Discs

Glider discs can be used on any surface – carpeted or hard flooring – enabling you to exercise in your home or anywhere your travels take you. Placed under the hands or feet, these glider discs enable endless possibilities for low-impact exercise to strengthen the core, tone the body, and increase overall strength and endurance. They add a new dimension to pushups, lunges, mountain climbers and more, creating core-challenging intensity.


Virtual Training is an ideal way to stay fit while working from home. Simply log in with your assigned credentials.

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