2023 Fitness Trends

The New Year may bring many changes for you, and changing your health and wellness routines might be one of them. Many may want to try something new (a new class, new trainer, or a fun new piece of equipment), or some may wish to change how they approach their exercise routine. Many types of exercise and fitness trends are up and coming or returning to popularity. Here are 6 of the biggest trends to watch out for in 2023.

Virtual Reality Workouts – Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming mainstream as high-tech headsets and devices are growing more widespread and affordable. Software companies continue adding new apps and games to their platforms, making working out more like a game and an exercise of adventure.

Mobility Training – Mobility training is focused on improving your ability to safely move a muscle or muscle group through a range of motion within a joint. It is much more than just being flexible; practicing mobility exercises helps improve functional movement, prevent injuries, reduce body pains, and much more.

Posture Workouts – Posture workouts train and strengthen the muscles that support your spine and hip complex, which is crucial to keep your sitting upright. Combat tech neck and dowager’s hump with simple moves like – cactus stretch, superman exercise, or superman swimmers.

Primal Movement – A big shift in fitness is returning to exercises that focus on everyday movements. Primal movements are a subcategory of functional training and refer to the exercises we have all been doing for years – lunging, crawling, reaching, pushing, pulling, and more.

Standing Ab Workouts – Working on your core while upright (standing) brings different benefits than traditional ab exercises (sit-ups and crunches). Standing ab workouts improve posture more effectively, engage more muscle groups, and prevent injuries related to pore posture.

Exercise for Mental Health – Every day, more people are turning to exercise to protect and enhance their mental health. Exercise is proven to reduce stress, help with depression and anxiety, improve sleep quality, and improve brain function. Exercising also allows an individual to connect with others, enjoy much-needed alone time, work toward personal goals, and build confidence – all crucial self-care items for maintaining positive mental health.



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