Are stress & anxiety taking over your digestion?

If you have ever had nervous butterflies in your stomach or gut-wrenching anxiety, you’re already aware that your brain and gastrointestinal tract are in sync. Your nervous and digestive systems are in constant communication. This relationship is necessary and important for bodily functions, such as digestion. Sometimes, however, this connection causes unwanted symptoms such as stomach pain, constipation, or diarrhea. Thoughts and emotions triggered by stress can have an effect on your stomach and bowels. The reverse can also occur. What goes on in your gut can cause stress and long-term upset. Your body is a magnificent machine; like all machines, it can be sensitive to stressors. Anxiety and heightened emotions can cause or make constipation worse. If this happens often, talk to your doctor. They may be able to suggest solutions that can help you combat constipation and the stress related to it.

Here are some foods/drinks to soothe your stomach:

  • Gluten-free grains, olive oil, probiotic-rich foods, and caffeine-free teas

Try to avoid these:

  • Spicy foods, caffeine, alcohol, and sugary foods and drinks


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