High and Low Levels of Vitamin D Associated with Cardiovascular Death

Research has suggested that up to 75% of US adults are vitamin D deficient, leaving many running to pharmacy shelves to add vitamin D capsules to their supplement plan, and for good reason. The fat soluble vitamin obtained through sun exposure, fish and fortified foods promotes calcium absorption in the gut, preventing osteoporosis. Vitamin D […]

Should you be worried about Rhabdomyolysis?

Before being able to answer this question, you are probably asking what is rhabdomyolysis? Rhabdomyolysis (pronounced rab-dō-mī-ˈäl-ə-səs) is triggered by the break down and death of muscle fibers that are then released into the blood stream, which can lead to kidney failure. Rhabdomyolysis has many causes including, the use of illegal drugs and alcohol, extreme muscle […]

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