Do I need to shower daily?

There’s been some recent buzz debating this topic amongst celebrities, that daily showers aren’t necessary. There have been recent articles, podcasts, and studies adding to this debate. According to many dermatologists, bathing once a day is optimal for social reasons, but it may not be necessary. The act of scrubbing daily doesn’t make you “cleaner.”

When it comes to the health benefits of bathing, our bodies mostly have it under control. The skin is self-cleaning. Some believe that daily showering could actually harm the skin and cause dryness, irritation, infection, or skin microbiome disruption. However, our bodies are also exposed to irritants, pathogenic organisms, and environmental pollutants everyday so leaving them untreated can’t be good for it.

The bottom line is the optimal bathing frequency depends on circumstance and body type. It works for some to bathe less often, including babies, people with sensitive skin, those with skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, cultural considerations, and those committed to water conservation.

Here are some tips to help your bathing routine:

  • Bathe more often if you work out every day and develop more sweat on your body.
  • Bathe more often if you’re in an area with humid temperatures. Humidity can cause more dirt and particles to stick to your skin.
  • Bathe less often if your skin microbiome (an ecosystem of bacteria on the skin’s surface) is more prone to irritation.


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