Effective At-Home Workouts

As we enter the holiday season, it may be more challenging than usual to get to the gym. With all the get-togethers, dinners and celebrations, finding the time can prove to be difficult. This is when at-home workouts are most efficient.

Among the options for at-home workouts – DVDs, YouTube videos, or a brisk walk or run around the neighborhood – designing your own workout can also be a way to maintain weight and strength during the colder months. Here are some templates you can easily use to ensure you are hitting every muscle group. All of which require a timer, which can easily be downloaded onto your phone. A mat is optional.

  • Option 1 – Tabata
    • Take 8 exercises. Each exercise is done 4 times for 20 seconds at your highest intensity with 10 seconds of rest in between. After each differing exercise, rest of 30 seconds. Here’s an example workout. No equipment is needed. Total time is about 30 minutes.
      • Warm up
      • Exercise 1 – Air squats
      • Exercise 2 – Push ups
      • Exercise 3 – Jumping jacks
      • Exercise 4 – Mountain climbers
      • Exercise 5 – Lunge switch hops
      • Exercise 6 – Pike presses
      • Exercise 7 – Reverse table top dips
      • Exercise 8 – Russian twists
      • Cool down
  • Option 2 – AMRAP
    • Take 3 exercises. Do each exercises for 10 repetitions each consecutively for 5 minutes straight. Rest for 45 seconds. Start another round of 3 exercises, 10 repetitions each. Dumbbells are required. Total time is about 60 minutes.
      • Warm up
      • Set 1 – Squats with overhead press, push ups, tricep kickbacks
      • Set 2 – Jumping jacks, mountain climbers, reverse flies
      • Set 3 – Alternating lunges with biceps curls, reverse table top dips, Russian twists
      • Set 4 – Burpees, lunge switch hop, skaters
      • Cool down

No matter the workout time, use any of the above to assist in managing the seasonal weight gain and lethargy. A healthy holiday is a happy holiday.

About the Author: Nelson Toriano

Nelson Toriano is a personal trainer and group exercise instructor, certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He has more than 14 years of experience which includes boot camp, weight lifting, dance, and yoga. In his spare time, he loves spending time with his family and being outdoors with his two Labradors.


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