Just Get Moving!

It seems simple enough, yet so many of us struggle for whatever reason even to stand up and get moving during a typical workday. Our bodies are built to move, and our physical and mental wellness are tied to our body’s movement. Getting up from our desks for as little as five minutes every hour has been linked to positive health impacts on our cholesterol, heart health, muscle function, and a host of other mental benefits. We must do our best to avoid the sedentary lifestyle of the American workplace (especially working from home/online). Studies show that people who participate in 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise, the U.S. recommendation for activity per week, may still face an increased risk of heart disease and other health problems if they remain inactive most of the day. Many of us sometimes feel that we have too much to do and therefore don’t have the time to take care of our physical and mental health for the day and move around. Movement, even if broken down in sections throughout the day, has provided more mental clarity and has aided in increasing one’s production, as opposed to “powering through” at your desk, says sports scientist Jack Groppel. “Research shows that the more you move, the more oxygen and blood flow to the brain, and the better you solve problems,” says Groppel.  Remember your breaks can be active if you treat them as such. Just get moving a little bit throughout the workday, which will add up over time. The Result will lead to a better outlook on our work and a cleaner bill of health, both physically and mentally.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/susanadams/2012/03/13/a-sports-scientists-rx-for-all-leaders/?sh=1a4e6fdb4a62

About the Authors:

Gian Carlo Winzer has had a passion for fitness in one way or another his entire life. He grew up competing in sports such as baseball and track and field and, as a result, has come to enjoy anything that allows an opportunity to be active and have some fun. He has a Bachelor of Science from San Jose State University, is a certified personal trainer, and has 7+ years of experience in corporate fitness teaching various classes and boot camps. Gian loves connecting with, learning about, and passing on knowledge to people to help them enjoy the benefits fitness can bring them. In his free time, Gian likes to attend his favorite sporting events, and gaming and learn about anything related to his various interests.

Davis Ellington has been involved in sports and fitness from a very early age. He traveled the country competing in baseball tournaments before attending Cal Poly, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and being a Debate team member. Davis received his personal training certification during the pandemic; his motivation came from wanting to help improve his friends’ and family’s health and fitness. He loves to have fun and brings that energy into the gym each and every day. In his spare time, Davis enjoys spending time with friends and family and playing basketball, baseball, or whatever sport is in season.

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