Love Your Liver

LiverDo you know just how important your liver is? Not only does it process what you eat and drink into essential energy and nutrients, it also protects your body from harmful toxins, regulates cholesterol levels, is a crucial part of your immune system and so much more. In fact, the Canadian Liver Foundation states that the liver has over 500 functions. Clearly, a healthy liver supports a healthy life, so don’t play games when it comes to this football-shaped organ. Instead, try practicing these powerful habits:

  • Don’t smoke; limit exposure to toxins
  • Be thoughtful about alcohol consumption
  • Manage your medications mindfully
  • Obtain the proper immunizations when traveling out of the country
  • Protect yourself from blood-borne pathogens
  • Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet

Although there are many forms of liver disease, these tips for promoting liver health will help you understand which activities help or hurt this vital organ. Learn more about liver health from this American Liver Foundation brochure.

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