Packing a Healthy Lunch Box

It’s Back to School Month! The new school year is a perfect time to start some healthy nutrition habits for your family and packing a healthy lunch box is a great first step. Packing lunches can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Check out these three easy rules to help prep fresh meals for your family.

Switch Up Your Normal Sandwich Routine

  • Use different spreads to add variety (hummus, pesto, flavored nut creams)
  • Serve it up different (try using a pita pocket, tortilla, or a bento box)
  • Vary the fruits and vegetables to keep it colorful (bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers, apples, berries, etc.)

Keep Lunches Cold or Hot

  • Reusable cool packs help keep food chilled. A fun trick is to freeze juice packs or yogurt cups to act as cool packs, and they will thaw by lunchtime.
  • A Thermos is a great tool to keep food either cold or hot. Use one to store cold items to keep them chilled or hot food items to keep them toasty until lunchtime.

Make School Lunches Easy and Fun

  • Prep anything you can on Sunday – Spending an hour cutting veggies, mixing sauces, or portioning items (crackers, nuts, etc.) can save a lot of time on weekday mornings.
  • Prep the night before – Ensure all items (lunch boxes, water bottles, thermoses) are clean and ready to use. Pre-stock lunches with non-perishable items.
  • Get your kids involved – If your kids are old enough, let them help you prep their lunches. It may or may not speed things up, but it will get them excited about eating the meal they helped put together!



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