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Physical Therapy Health Tip: Working From Home

Many people are working from home for now and the foreseeable future. Ergonomic and postural considerations are very important in order to minimize the stresses that build up in our necks, shoulders and lower backs during busy days filled with meetings and computer work. With that, here are some considerations to improve posture and decreases stresses into our bodies:

Tips for working in front of a computer:
• Keep your monitor at eye level, and place your keyboard close to your body.
• Sit in a chair with back support to avoid slumping.
• Make sure your feet are firmly planted on the ground, or use a footstool if your feet don’t reach the ground.
• If possible, use a desk that can be converted to a standing desk to lessen the strain on your spine.
• If you are sitting, set up your chair where your hips are slightly above the level of your knees.

Tips for talking and texting on the phone comfortably:
• Use a headset or headphones when possible to keep your head in a neutral position.
• Use a speakerphone when able to avoid tilting your neck
• Keep your phone screen at eye level to avoid bending your neck when texting.
• Keep your neck relaxed and avoid shrugging your shoulders when holding your phone.

General tips and take home message:
The best posture is the next posture:
• Keep your muscles loose and reset your posture by taking standing or walking breaks every 30-45 minute; motion is lotion!
• When possible, give your eyes a rest by looking away from your computer every 20 minutes and focusing on a distant object.


By Michael Marcello, DPT.

Location: BaySport, Redwood City | (650) 593-2800

Michael Marcello earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology at San Jose State University and his Doctorate in Physical Therapy at the University of the Pacific in Stockton. Michael is experienced in sports medicine, orthopedics, and concussion exertional physical therapy. Michael appreciates and utilizes current evidence-based treatment/interventions, continuing education courses and exercise to promote optimal function and performance. Michael, a Bay Area native, enjoys exercising, watching sports and spending time with his family and friends. Michael is a 49ers, Giants, Warriors and Sharks fan as well.

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