Strength In Staying Healthy

Father and Son Watching TelevisionAccording to the Mayo Clinic, the list of major threats to men’s health begins with heart disease, cancer and accidental injury. These concerns, as well as the other four on their list of the top seven, are largely preventable. However, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services states that men are more likely to put off preventive healthcare visits. Even healthy men can benefit from regular check-ups, which often include important screenings that can detect disease early before suspicions or symptoms arise. Both men and women should consider these gender-specific checkup and screening guidelines to determine when and why a quick visit to your primary care physician is recommended.

Learn more about the top seven threats to men’s health as well as how to reduce risk. While some of these concerns are shared by both men and women, the Harvard Medical School stresses the importance of understanding that some aspects of conditions can affect each gender differently. Take control of your health and remember that family health depends on the health of each family member.

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