Take A Hike!

summer-hikingA vacation doesn’t have to involve bustling airports, long flights and seasonal spikes in travel expenses. For a great source of adventure and exercise, seek out local hiking trails to trek. Hiking is a fantastic form of physical activity that caters to any fitness level, from simple and low-impact to challenging and vigorous. Hiking can provide a wonderful escape from busy city life and a retreat to revisit nature, allowing one to clear the mind and relieve stress and anxiety. Day or weekend trips to local or semi-local parks or open space preserves can serve as low-cost, convenient and enjoyable mini-vacations.

Explore the health benefits from hiking and find essential resources and information about hiking here.

To find hiking trails, learn from or share experiences with other hikers and more, check out websites like EveryTrail.com, conduct an online search tailored to a desired geographical area, or check out mobile apps such as MapMyHike.

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