The Mental Health Benefits of Doodling

For many, the new normal includes a lot of virtual meetings, and we need the connection right now. Even so, screen time can be draining. According to some doodling experts (yes, they do exist) and scientific research, there is a convincing case that doodling isn’t a bad habit. In fact, doodling has many mental health benefits. It may help mitigate the tech overload you might be feeling during the pandemic. Making your mark via doodling is meaningful!

The mental health benefits of doodling:

  • Relaxation – doodling soothes and can help an individual cope with stressful situations.
  • Mood regulation – coloring, doodling, free drawing, and “The Zentangle Method” all activate the reward pathways in the brain.
  • Memory recall & problem solving – doodling improves concentration, aids in recall and understanding, and can deepen learning and invention.
  • Creativity and authenticity – doodling potentially offers valuable insights into the personality and mood of the doodler.


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