BinaxNow – Rapid Antigen Testing

Pathway for a Safe Return to the Workplace - Stop COVID-19 at the Door

BaySport has incorporated Abbott’s BinaxNOW rapid COVID-19 antigen test technology to bring efficient and affordable COVID testing to organizations that are looking for a safe and healthy return to the workplace.


  • Quick and Easy - Anterior (front of the nose) nasal swab sample - results within 15min.
  • Accurate Results – Sensitivity (true positive) – 84.6% Specificity (true negative) – 95.6%

  • Secure Digital Health Tool for Results – Abbott’s NAVICA app securely pairs with the antigen test to report and track test results and display authenticated results for a healthy access pass.

  • Cost Effective – To be billed on a staff time and material cost basis. Participation rates will determine per test costs, which are targeted to be less than $25 per participant. A quotation will be provided upon request.

Connect with a team member to schedule.