Health Screening FAQ's

What is a biometric health screening and why is it important?

A biometric health screening is a short health examination that determines your individual risk for developing certain diseases and medical conditions. BaySport believes knowing and understanding your numbers is the first step in bettering your health.

Does my employer have access to my results?

No, BaySport abides by the HIPAA privacy standards that your private information cannot be shared with anyone without your permission. Your results are completely confidential and are treated as such.

What does BaySport do with my personal information?

BaySport uploads your results onto a secure web portal for you to have access to. We do not sell your personal information to any 3rd party vendors.

If I am fasting, should I still take my morning medications?

Yes, take all medications as proscribed by your primary physician.

What should I expect when I show up to the screening?

After checking in and filling out a simple consent form, you will receive a finger stick at the first station. While your blood sample is processing you will be seen at station 2, where your body mass index (BMI) and blood pressure will be measured. Your blood results should be ready after about 10 minutes of processing time. You will then speak with a health professional about your results. The time at station 3 depends heavily on what you’d like to discuss but typically takes between 5-10 minutes.

How long does the screening take?

Typically, the screening process takes approximately 20 minutes. The Cholestech machines, used to process blood samples, take approximately 10 minutes to run a blood analysis.

Is the finger stick just as accurate as a typical blood draw from the arm?

Yes, a finger stick blood sample has the same level of accuracy as a venipuncture draw.

Do I have to get on the scale?

No. We do encourage you to participate in all screening stations but it is not mandatory.

What is being tested at the screening?

Results vary depending upon a fasting exam or a non-fasting exam.

  • Total cholesterol
  • HDL cholesterol
  • Non-HDL cholesterol (non-fasting only)
  • LDL cholesterol (fasting only)
  • Cholesterol Ratio
  • Triglycerides (fasting only)
  • Blood sugar
  • Body mass index (weight and height needed)
  • Blood pressure
Who is conducting the Biometric Screening?

We have a team of phlebotomists, exercise physiologists, nutritionists, and wellness coaches conducting your biometric screening.

If I haven’t fasted can I still participate in the screening?

Ideally we’d like you to fast for 10 hours but we can still run a blood test if you are not fasted. We won’t be able to test LDL-cholesterol or triglycerides and blood sugar may be affected. Instead, we would get a non-HDL value, which is a good indicator of your bad cholesterol, and can counsel you accordingly.

Can I attend if I do not have an appointment?

In order to guarantee an appointment, all participants should schedule an appointment through the online scheduler. This will minimize any wait times and enhance your experience. There may be availability for “walk-in” appointments, though the availability will vary from event to event. Please check with a BaySport representative on the morning of the event to determine the “walk-in” options for the event.