Healthy Aging Month

September is Healthy Aging Month. In September 1992, the Healthy Aging movement was established to encourage people to focus on their mental and physical health and adopt a lifestyle that would enable them to mature gracefully. Many factors influence healthy aging. Some factors cannot be controlled (genetics), but many others can. Following are a few […]

Just Get Moving!

It seems simple enough, yet so many of us struggle for whatever reason even to stand up and get moving during a typical workday. Our bodies are built to move, and our physical and mental wellness are tied to our body’s movement. Getting up from our desks for as little as five minutes every hour […]


Many of us are fortunate enough that we can replace certain items in our life that are broken, run-down, old, or not used too often. Simple examples are clothes, groceries, kitchen supplies, car parts, electronics, or even gym equipment. It’s simple to be able to replace something old with something new nowadays because there’s always […]

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