Gratitude During the Holidays & Beyond

The holidays are a joyous time for many, from joyful memories to fun festive gatherings. But just because it is a special time of year does not mean it is also marked with stress, anxiety, or depression. Taking the time to be grateful can improve overall well-being, promote better sleep, reduce stress, help strengthen relationships, […]

Holiday Stress

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can cause unnecessary stress – holiday stress. The associations of the holidays with social gatherings, family rituals, and happy memories bring joy and excitement to many but can also lead to high amounts of stress. Holiday stress looks the same as regular day-to-day stress and can affect […]

Blue Zones – Power 9

Blue Zones are one of the up-and-coming topics that a lot of people are talking about. But what are they? Blue Zones are “non-scientific” geographic areas with lower rates of chronic diseases and a longer life expectancy. The term was first used by the author Dan Buettner, who was studying regions of the world that […]

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