What is Stress?

No matter who you are, you likely experience some stress throughout the day, and that’s not a bad thing! Most people would consider stress to be negative. While stress can indeed negatively impact your health, it’s not all harmful. In fact, certain types of stress can be beneficial for your health! What is stress? Stress […]

Healthier, Hoppier Easter

Easter is a day of celebration, which for many includes indulging in brunch, followed by a feast of chocolate eggs and colorful jellybeans throughout the date, and a sit-down dinner with your favorite ham-and-casserole combo at dinner. While it is easy to go overboard on the Easter feast, it’s all about striking a healthy balance […]

Boredom Eating

It’s easy—and normal—to fill moments of boredom with your favorite potato chip or ice cream. Small servings of these foods are probably nothing to worry about. But if boredom eating is making you feel overly full or affecting your well-being, it may be time to try some solutions. The first step is being aware of […]

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