Health Screener - Preventive Medicine

About Us                              

BaySport is a leading provider of preventive medicine, physical therapy, and corporate health services. With over 100 corporate clients, BaySport has developed many clinic and worksite based programs aimed at improving employee health and reducing employer health costs. From corporate wellness center management to cholesterol screening services to executive physical examinations to injury management services, the BaySport staff is able to help participants return to activity, identify health risks, and make lifestyle adjustments to reach their health goals.


BaySport’s Preventive Medicine division delivers health screening (or biometric screening) services to corporate clients in California. While most testing locations are in the San Francisco Bay Area, our team does support clients in Southern California, as well. We test approximately 11,000 program participants each year.


Team Member Role and Responsibilities

The BaySport Health Screening Team Member is a clinician that supports our worksite screening programs. The typical health screening program includes blood tests for lipids and glucose, measurement of blood pressure, height, weight, BMI, and a follow-up consultation to summarize the test results and make specific recommendations for health improvement. We are looking for Team Members that could play an active role with these events, particularly the physiological testing of program participants (blood pressure, height, weight, BMI) or the expertise to counsel program participants with respect to the basis for the tests and any recommendations (including diet and exercise guidelines) to reduce health risks. Current Health Screening Team Members include Clinical Exercise Physiologists, Registered Dieticians, Nurses, those in a bachelor’s program in a health related field, and other Wellness Specialists. This is a part-time per diem position.


Positions Open Include:

  • Blood Pressure measurement and consultation
  • Height, Weight, and BMI measurement and consultation
  • Phlebotomy – blood sample acquisition with Alere (Cholestech)
  • Results Consultation – Covering all lipid testing, blood pressure, and BMI


Responsibilities include:

  • Physiological testing of program participants
  • Understand the relationship of health enhancement and the benefit for a corporate client
  • Excellent patient interaction skills
  • Understanding of HIPPA guidelines

Taking initiative by adding particular strengths to the position.

If you are proficient in one or more of these skills, please contact us:

  • Proven experience working in a corporate health screening program that targets cardiac risk reduction strategies
  • Proficiency in manual blood pressure measurement
  • Experience leading fitness classes, training clients or working in a fitness environment
  • Ability to foster a team approach for success of the program
  • Thorough understanding of cardiac risk factors and lifestyle modifications to reduce risks
  • Phlebotomy certification, if working with blood sample acquisition