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BaySport understands that the physical demands of firefighting can place the firefighter in potentially hazardous situations. The importance of optimal health, maintenance of a low risk for disease, and being medically qualified to respond are three factors that support the need for an extensive wellness physical examination program.

How We Can Help

Physical Exam by Board Certified Physician

Provide a detailed path to follow in order to reach their health and/or work performance goals.

Develop a health risk reduction plan that is tailored to meet the specific needs of each firefighter.

Maintain the confidentiality of all test results for each participant.


BaySport has developed a strong reputation for our physical examination programming. Our team performs over 2,000 physical exams annually for a range of clients. Each program is designed to meet the specific requirements and/or goals of our clients. General exam components will assess the current health status of the firefighters, compare results to NFPA standards, identify the capability to perform job duties, clear participants for respirator use, and provide recommendations for any follow-up testing that may be appropriate for each participant. Medical clearance for work can be provided or, in some cases, some of our fire department clients offer the wellness fitness testing on a voluntary participation basis.

We have partnerships with fire departments throughout the Bay Area. For a complete list of references, please contact us directly.

Our Services are Unmatched

BaySport takes the fire department program to the firefighters. The delivery of services at the fire station enhances program participation, reduces the apprehension associated with clinic-based assessments, and reduces the potential participation cost while delivering the services when personnel are on duty.

The Program Scope of Services includes the physical exam components for Sworn Safety or Active Firefighters, Administrative or Non-Safety Employee and Pre-Employment Candidates.

We work with Fire Department personnel to develop a flexible schedule that provides coverage for each shift. Any participant who is unable to attend one of the physical exam days, can schedule a physical exam at one of BaySport’s Bay Area clinic locations.

Upon the completion of the assessment, each participant receives a Physician Summary that includes a detailed description of all test results, laboratory results, specific recommendations for any necessary medical follow-up that may be indicated. Results are delivered to each participant via a private, HIPAA compliant, secure email address to enhance privacy measures.

Physician Examination (Board Certified Physician)

Resting Electrocardiogram & Cardiovascular Evaluation (Treadmill Test)

Ancillary Testing (Body Composition, Vision, Hearing, & Spirometry Tests)

Lab Tests (blood work, TB tests, & urinalysis)

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