Nutrition Services to Complement Your Corporate Fitness Program

Exercise and a healthy diet go hand-in-hand when trying to lose weight or striving towards your health goals. BaySport is able to enhance your corporate wellness program with on-site or online nutrition services - the ideal combination to get results.

The topic of diet and nutrition can become complex and confusing at times. This is how our dietitians and nutritionists can help.

Our Nutrition Team is able to address the following health goals:

  • weight control
  • high blood pressure
  • cholesterol management
  • blood sugar regulation
  • general healthy diet
  • digestion
  • food allergies
  • disease prevention
  • feeling your best

BaySport Corporate Nutrition Services include:

  • Nutrition Coaching
  • eNutrition Newsletter and Health Tips
  • Educational Seminars
  • Ask the Dietitian
  • Health Screening Consultations

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