Fitness Center Managment

Providing Worksite Fitness Programs Since 1989.

The BaySport Management Team has overall responsibility for the operation of the fitness center and associated activities.  The environment of the fitness center is influenced by the personality traits of the staff.  Our track record has shown that our staff members create an energetic, upbeat and supportive atmosphere and the fitness center, like the family room in a home, should be comfortable for all potential participants – novice, experienced, young and old, etc.

BaySport’s management role is to maintain the quality and consistency of the fitness center programs, ensure the development and implementation of the fitness center services (including equipment selection recommendations), health education, incentive program development, group exercise class scheduling, fitness orientations, coordination of offsite services, program promotion, evaluation and reporting of program effectiveness to client, ensure confidentiality of participant records, maintenance of equipment and facility, and performs special projects under the guidance of the client.

Fitness Center Design

BaySport is a part of Greening Silicon Valley!

We help our clients work through the LEED system and do our part in the fitness centers. Specific examples may be provided upon request.

BaySport Planning Phases

Phase I - Programming

In Phase I of the development of the fitness center, BaySport will serve in a facilitator role and is responsible for establishing realistic fitness center goals, providing necessary information regarding operating capacities, budget guidelines, industry standards, space and equipment requirements, environmental efficiencies, and options for center programming/equipment selection. Based upon accepted program goals, a preliminary detailed summary of space and equipment requirements is provided.


Phase II - Schematic Design

BaySport's responsibilities in this phase will include input in the following areas:

  • Logical working layout
  • Optimal participant flow
  • Suggested amenity (exercise equipment) content/size
  • Security issues (entry/check-in)
  • Budget modifications as required by design


Phase III - Design Development

BaySport will detail the placement of all exercise equipment and fixtures planned for the facility. With a layout provided by the project architect, an equipment layout will be drawn to scale and include appropriate clearances and recommended locations for all equipment. A detailed document of recommended exercise equipment, vendors, lead times and costs will be provided during this phase of the project.

BaySport's long standing relationships with local equipment vendors guarantees best equipment pricing.

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