Injury Prevention Coaching Program

The BaySport Injury Prevention Coaching program will help keep you injury-free by providing the convenience and ease of secure mobile technology to engage with a BaySport Physical Therapist.

How it works?

Under the direction of a Doctor of Physical Therapy, face-to-face physical assessments are scheduled at the worksite, allowing participants an opportunity to discuss concerns about their injury. Our coaches are then able to stay in touch through Clovi’s HIPAA compliant web-based coaching tool and give participants real-time chat, peer support, and secure access to shared educational content. Information provided will include exercises that may speed up the healing process and those that could set them back.

The Experience

Don’t get sidelined too long. Research shows that accessibility and intuitive user experience improves engagement in coaching programs. Our highly experienced and compassionate coaches, combined with the latest digital technology, will quickly get your employees back to work and play.

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