Corporate Health Services

BaySport’s full circle approach to service gives our team the advantage to support all facets of a corporate wellness strategy.

Since 1990, BaySport has provided the wellness solution for our corporate clients. From fitness center design management to wellness program implementation, BaySport has the track record to support our clients as a single point of contact for program design, development, and success - a real culture changer!

Fitness Center program development is an interactive process between BaySport, client management, and program participants. Our aim is to offer a flexible, scalable staffing model that provides program participants with a high level of service, while still being cost effective for the corporation.

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Wellness Programming is essential to the success of any company's overall health and fitness strategy. We are proud to introduce our BaySport Wellness Programs - offering services and tools to help your employees (and their families) pursue a healthy lifestyle and make informed health care decisions.

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BaySport has over 30 years experience serving as a facilitator responsible for establishing realistic fitness center goals, operating capacities, budget guidelines, industry standards, space and equipment requirements, environmental efficiencies, and options for center programming/equipment selection.

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Our Dedicated Team

BaySport has the proven ability to attract and retain employees beyond industry standards. Our corporate wellness managers have a company tenure that averages nearly eight years and when matched with our “glass is half full approach,” gives BaySport the experience to provide our clients with a “best of breed” service. Keep an eye out for BaySport career opportunities.