Preventive Medicine FAQ

Do I need to fast?

To guarantee the accuracy of your blood tests, do not consume any food or beverages for at least ten hours prior to your scheduled appointment time. Please drink plenty of water during this period. Please continue to follow your doctor’s orders with current medications.

What should I wear?

Please wear appropriate clothes for strenuous exercise (i.e., T-shirt, shorts, and running shoes). You will have access to dressing rooms and shower facilities following your examination.

How much time will my appointment take?

Allow about two hours for your BaySport appointment. Additional time may be needed for dressing following your examination.

How do I make a Complete Medical Profile (CMP) appointment?

It’s easy. Simply call any of our clinic locations to schedule an appointment. Visit our Contact page for more information on where we’re located and how to get here. To save a little time the day of your appointment, complete our health history survey and bring with you to your appointment.