Virtual Fitness and Mind and Body Classes

It is especially important now than ever to keep your employees healthy of both mind and body. Our team of group exercise instructors and personal trainers have worked together to bring you a variety of mindful classes and fitness workouts that your employees can conveniently access at any time for free.

We make it easy for our participants to get a workout in during their day whether they are working from home, the office, or traveling. Don't have access to live classes? We have an online library of classes, all taught by certified instructors with a common goal - to enhance the wellbeing of their participants. Our classes range from High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to Yoga and are easily accessible at the participant's convenience.

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BaySport Creates Virtual Workout Opportunities for Employees of Top Fortune 100 Clients Who Are Working from Home

BaySport, Inc. Boost Wellness Services by Turning to Virtual Technology Amid COVID-19 Reinventing the Fitness Experience for Their Participants who are Working from Home.

Our Goal

Reinvent BaySport’s Fitness Classes through a virtual space that allows our work from home corporate participants to easily access and engage in the class/workout, continue to participate in popular classes, and fit individual needs and schedules, while maximizing cost-effectiveness for the client.

The Challenge

As the shelter-in-place order began, BaySport and its Corporate Wellness clients were not only faced with adapting to the new normal, but how to meet the wellness needs of employees working from home. BaySport was challenged to find new ways to continue engaging their participants to stay fit during this time. BaySport’s wellness participants no longer had access to the company’s onsite wellness center, so BaySport looked to other resources – virtual meeting platforms and YouTube.

“With our corporate health team members joining forces to provide virtual workouts and engaging fitness classes, BaySport is taking the lead to provide their clients a versatile wellness program while working from home."

– Doug Emery, President of BaySport, Inc.

The Solution

BaySport turned to their program managers to bridge the gap of ideas and experiences to successfully launch virtual fitness services. A task force was created based on specific programming the client had on their current schedule (mindfulness and fitness classes), and how the client communicates with their employees (i.e. Zoom, WebEx, 8x8, YouTube or custom web portal). BaySport focused on the programming needs of each client to ensure a simple, secure, and engaging virtual workout experience.


Through this team approach, BaySport now offers an immersive, secure, and engaging virtual fitness experience with an array of online classes hosted by fitness industry leaders. Our team is currently teaching over 115 virtual fitness classes per week.

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