Corporate Physical Exams

BaySport's Corporate Physical Examination, also known as the Complete Medical Profile, is the Bay Area's most comprehensive physical examination.

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Complete Medical Profile

The BaySport Complete Medical Profile consists of a comprehensive physical examination, treadmill evaluation, resting and exercise electrocardiogram, body composition, muscular strength, and flexibility, complete blood profile and urinalysis, lung function test and two follow-up consultations.

  • Comprehensive Physical Examination (by Board Certified Physician): Extensive medical history, Multi-system review
  • Cardiovascular Evaluation: Maximal oxygen uptake, Cardiovascular risk profile,Resting and exercise electrocardiogram, Resting and exercise blood pressure
  • Laboratory StudiesComplete blood chemistry, Blood lipid profile, PSA (male) or TSH (female), Additional blood analyses
  • Body Composition Determination: Body weight, Percent body fat, Lean body weight, Recommended body weight
  • Pulmonary Function TestingLung capacity measures, Expiratory flow rates
  • Musculoskeletal EvaluationFlexibility assessment, Muscular strength assessment
  • Additional Screenings: Audiometry, Vision
  • Lifestyle AssessmentMedical history, Exercise, Nutrition, Stress and tension
  • ConsultationsResults consultation, Exercise prescription, Nutritional recommendations, 3-month follow-up testing and consultation

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