5 Simple, Fun Ideas For Family Fitness

We all know exercise is essential for the entire family: it lowers heart risks, helps control weight, and helps kids do better in school. It also helps kids burn off some energy. Family activities and fitness started at an early age can go a long way toward helping children form healthy lifestyle habits for life.

Here are five ideas for family fitness that everybody can do to move more.

  1. Make time to play – Set aside 30 minutes multiple times a week (or every day!) to enjoy moving together. For example, take a walk after dinner or play a family game of tag.
  2. Enjoy the outdoors – Schedule a time for an outdoor activity with your kids each day. Ride your bike to the park, hike a local trail, or take a walk around your neighborhood.
  3. Choose toys wisely – Give children toys that encourage movements, such as balls, kits, bikes, and jump ropes.
  4. Have fun while doing chores – Set aside time for household together as a family and make it fun for everyone! Play music as you clean and take a couple of dance breaks.
  5. Limit screen time – Set boundaries, keep the TV and electronics out of the bedroom, and limit computer/iPad usage to a minimum.

For more ideas to help your family move more, check out the “25 Ways to Get Moving At Home Infographic.”




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