Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

After a long time stuck inside during the COVID-19 pandemic, the weather is heating up, and the outdoors beckon. But experts warn that after spending so much time indoors, your skin may burn more easily.

Most skin cancers are caused by too much exposure to UV light. UV rays come from the sun, tanning beds, and sunlamps. UV rays can damage the skin all year round, not just in the summer. In the United States, UV rays are strongest between mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

Experts say using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 50 before going outdoors. However, most recent estimates suggest that only 33% of U.S. adults use an SPF of 15 or higher always or most of the time to protect themselves from UV rays. Always reapply after 2 hours.

According to experts, everyone should be protecting themselves from the sun regardless of their skin tone, everyone is susceptible to skin cancer. There are two types of sunscreens, physical and chemical. 

Physical sunscreens work by reflecting ultraviolet light, much like a mirror. Chemical sunscreens absorb the light to prevent it from damaging your skin. A mineral sunscreen is another name for a physical sunscreen, as the two common ingredients in this category are minerals, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These ingredients reflect ultraviolet light.


  • Put sunscreen on every day! Don’t forget to reapply after 2 hours!
  • Wear hats and UV protected clothing and hang out in the shade!


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