Gratitude During the Holidays & Beyond

The holidays are a joyous time for many, from joyful memories to fun festive gatherings. But just because it is a special time of year does not mean it is also marked with stress, anxiety, or depression. Taking the time to be grateful can improve overall well-being, promote better sleep, reduce stress, help strengthen relationships, and increase overall happiness. Cultivating gratitude for your year’s accomplishments is one of the simplest ways to improve your health and satisfaction with life.

Below are some great tips to start practicing gratitude this holiday season and beyond.

  • Start a gratitude journal: Set time aside each day to write what you are thankful for. On a day when you need some inspiration, re-read some of your prior journal entries.
  • Say, thank you: Thank the people in your life for something they did for you, no matter how small the deed.
  • Relive the good times: Relive positive moments and good memories by thinking about them or sharing them with others.
  • Write to someone: Send a card or write a letter to someone you feel thankful for. Even if you choose not to send the letter, it is healthy to document these positive feelings.
  • Volunteer your time: Helping those in need can inspire you to reflect on your own circumstances and bring on a sense of compassion for others.  
  • Count your blessings: Forget about the material things; appreciate all your relationships and each positive interaction and act of love you encountered this year.
  • Choose inner peace: Choose to live from a place of gratitude. Be thankful for opportunities to feel more positive emotions and experiences, improve your health, and build strong relationships.


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