How to Safely Gather Together during the Holidays

After 20 months of COVID lockdown, with fully vaccinated folks (hopefully booster shots too!), rapid tests available, the CDC says we should be quite safe (not 100%) gathering indoors for the holidays. The agency said, “Holiday traditions are important for families and children. There are several ways to enjoy holiday traditions and protect your health.” However, unvaccinated, or partially vaccinated guests should be more cautious and take additional safety measures like wearing a mask, getting tested in advance, gathering outside, or having rapid tests readily available.

However, the rapid tests aren’t easily available. They also cost about $25 for two tests. Now that you have the tests, you must make choices on who should be using them and when. As we’ve determined, they help those most vulnerable to serious COVID illness (medically vulnerable) as well as those who aren’t vaccinated like children under 5. Remember, the test results should be treated as “one day only” and be re-tested each day you will be spending time together. Be sure to also read the instructions and watch a video on how to test as some people have had some tricky experiences on conducting them. Keep in mind that both false positives and negatives are possible, and if you do get a positive test result, treat it seriously by quarantining yourself as well has bowing out of holiday get-togethers. Confirming with your doctor or getting a PCR test to confirm the result.

If you are traveling for holiday celebrations this year, be especially cautious if you are going from areas with high rates of transmission to those of lower rates. We know travel will be more prevalent in this year’s holiday gathering so taking those extra precautions are extremely important. Covering all bases is the best you can do to keep everyone safe especially the ones who are most at risk of severe disease or dying from COVID-19.

We hope you enjoy this year’s holiday season, much more than last year, and gather together, safely.

About the author:

Julie Lin-Friss was born and raised in San Jose. She’s been an athlete her whole life, and has participated in school sports, outside clubs, and martial arts. She decided to pursue a career in fitness and wellness after a 7 year stint in the corporate finance world. She is a Certified AFAA instructor and has taught group fitness classes for over a decade! She’s taught kickboxing, boot camp, HIIT, core strengthening, Pound, and self-defense. She is also a 5th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do! She loves cooking, knitting, crafting, shopping, traveling, walks on the beach, and hiking with her husband, two teenage boys, and two dogs, Mushu & Mochiko.

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