Tips to a Healthier Halloween for the Whole Family

Here are a few tips to manage the sugar rush this Halloween.

Whether or not kids are trick or treating this year due to the coronavirus, candy is lining the shelves of the grocery stores and kids are still interested in collecting some sweets.

Eat a nutritious dinner, so kids are not hungry and only want to eat candy for supper.

Limit the number of treats your child can have each day. (Make sure to decide the appropriate number ahead of time and let children know the limits and why it is important to limit candy).

Keep candy out of reach to prevent continuous and mindless eating candy.

Let each child keep enough candy to have one or two pieces a day for one or two weeks (long enough for the excitement to wane). Throw away, donate or re-purpose the rest.

When your child asks for a piece of candy, pair it with a healthy snack: a glass of milk, an apple & peanut butter, or some nuts.

“Buy back” candy from your child with money or tokens they can trade in for a fun activity: a day at the zoo, an afternoon playing at the park, going ice skating, or a day at the pool.

Donate excess candy for troops overseas. A familiar sweet treat from home can be comforting at the holidays.

Tip provided by Patti Miller, RDN

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