Stay Healthy Between The Holidays & New Year’s

The days between the holidays and New Year’s are a minefield of food, gatherings, and beverages that can take you off your regular course. To help you stay on track and feel best, here are five great tips to stay healthy during the holidays.

Make Smart Food Choices – You do not have to overeat at every holiday gathering. Try having a snack an hour or so before the gathering – this will help you not overeat and make poor food decisions. During that big meal or gathering, fill half your plate with veggies or salad and the other half with carbs and protein.

Stay Hydrated – Drinking water is a healthy strategy for those holiday gatherings. Staying hydrated helps you beat holiday exhaustion and control hunger (and helps boost metabolism). A good rule of thumb is to grab a cup of water every time you grab a snack.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep – The holidays are a busy time for most people, between traveling and gatherings. Maintaining a relaxing bedtime routine and prioritizing a good night’s sleep sets you up for success in conquering all your plans without feeling sluggish.
Think Outside the Gym – You may not have time to hit the gym or your favorite group exercise class, but that does not mean you should not get some form of exercise. Squeeze in a walk after a big meal, try a new hiking trail with family, and give those tried-and-true bodyweight exercises a try. Something is always better than nothing.
Don’t Wait Until January – A big meal or indulging in your favorite desserts in one night will not wreck your goals and progress, so don’t wait until January to “get back on track.” Eat your holiday dinner joyfully, and the next day try to eat as you would any other day.

The Takeaway: Staying hydrated, choosing nutritious foods, and staying active wherever you can help you stay healthy between the holidays and New Year’s.  


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